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Song Details - BURNIN' THE FLOOR
Artist NAOKI
BPM 155
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Lyrics (Look out on the dancefloor)
(It's waiting for you)
It's time to burn

burn, burn, burn's the fix
and tell me, do you really wanna roll with this
the heat is on, it's time to move
so where you know just what to do
the temperatures rising, no way out
going too far, can't stop now
So let me know if you feel it, too
when the fire gets inside of you

Where have, you been all of my life
I've been, looking for you
I wanna dance through, dark into the daylight with you
I wanna burn!
Burn, burn burn, the world right,
The rythm's hard to ignore.
Set up a big fire,
I just don't care anymore!

Let's make it special, on a dance floor.
I can read the signs, but I can't use the lore.
Let's get it up, 'cause now's the time,
I really wanna make you mine,
Tonight. Let's put in the fight.
You and me, on a fantasy.
And if you really wanna learn, I'm gonna show you how to burn.

Burn, burn, burn, you burn me
You body's talking to mine (you burn me)
Sizzling sensation, our bodies like it in time (oh yeah!)
You know we gonna burn, burn, burn the fire, they don't make it anymore (talk to me)
Fire in big waves, yeah. I've got you burning the floor,
Burnin' the floor!
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