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Song Details - HIGHER
Artist NM Feat. SUNNY
BPM 132
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Lyrics Girl, give it up and run away
To the arms of a magic day
Where you can say, where you can find yourself (find yourself)
Move your feet
'Cause there is noone here.
Do what you want to, there is no-one stopping you
Now, give yourself, and let the music let you flow
Then you will know who you are

Baby, getting higher.
Were getting higher.
Moving with your body, let the rhythm make you fly
You are the one, baby isn't this fun, tonight.

(Won't you show me how?)
You and I, I know we can move if we try,
You know this is how it should be,

Baby, getting higher.
Were getting higher.
Open up your eyes, every day is a surprise
You are the one, baby, the only one, tonight
Were getting higher, were getting higher
Star are getting near, and I knew you will appear

You are the one, baby, isn't this fun?
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